Monday, March 26, 2007

The Namesake - Review

Genre: Family Epic
Premise: Indian man comes to America, has kids, kids adjust, parents try to adjust to childre adjusting so easily. Somehow, it's all very interesting. Scenes where you will cry ensue.
Who: The guy from Harold and Kumar, Kumar, though I've never seen it and have been told it's brilliant. The author of the book, Jhumpa Lahiri, makes an appearance as well. The two Indian parents are great in this.
Dictionary word that describes this movie: ethereal. adj. light, airy, or tenuous
Talking point: It's a long movie. It's got lots of emotional scenes. It's got a lot of India scenes. It follows the book to a T. Would you ever change your name? Why? To what? Isn't it funny how they try to make an actor look both 17 and 30 in the same movie? Kumar just got a job to teach at some university.
Verdict: I thought it was great. I absolutely loved the book, but the movie does a good job of using its advantages to tell the story. The sound/music and cinematography really creates a sense of two different worlds existing side by side. This is one of those movies that sounds lame when you describe it in one sentence when it's actually pretty good. I wish Gogol was played by someone else though.
What to tell your girlfriend to get her to see it: "I will probably cry, baby."
What to tell your boyfriend to get him to see it: "Ashima is a MILF."
What Randy Jackson would say about Kumar's performance: "It was kind of pitchy, dude."

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