Friday, December 30, 2005

Skiles is on the Money

Topic: Bulls
They lost again last night and their effort sucked. I was reminded why no one likes the NBA anymore, it's just a bunch of guys arguing with the refs and trying to look good for the crowd.

But the Bulls weren't that way last season, I got hooked after the opening game and now I can barely watch them.

What is it?

Here is Skiles:

"I wish I could articulate it better. There are definitely things that are different in our key players since I've known them. It's clear we are struggling. During one stretch [the Bobcats] got four shots at the basket. They outhustled us around the basket. That's our formula. We have a healthy list of things we need to do."

I think it's the fact that those young players are focusing on their own struggles (Gordon, Chandler) and it's because of that that they aren't looking at the big, team picture. You can't play aggressive defense when the only thing going through your head is "Why aren't I starting? Why aren't my shots going in? Do I have to prove something after signing such a big contract?"

All these individual concerns are overshadowing the team. This isn't THE problem, but I'm sure it has to do with it.

I also liked this bit:

If Eddie Basden were a Knick, he probably would have started here Wednesday, where he went to college. Knicks coach Larry Brown has a tradition of starting players when they play in their hometowns or college towns. But Basden was inactive for the game. So did coach Scott Skiles give that any thought? "I gave it some thought until he missed the first bus (to the arena for extra practice for reserves)," Skiles said.

My man.


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