Wednesday, January 11, 2006

They're all losers!

Yesterday I was walking along Grand avenue downtown when we noticed a HUGE line of people going all the way around the block. It looked like some sort of picket line or something but it was actually a line to get into Rock Bottom, a restaurant.

We were all curious, and then we got closer and someone noticed it: all of the people were, how you say, el chunko.

Turns out it was auditions for The Biggest Loser, a weight-loss reality show.

A show I've seen and enjoyed, but these people were all tine compared to the people on the show (except for one gentleman in red, whew that was a big boy!) I've seen.

And they call this city the fattest in AMerica? Stupid methodology is what did it. WHy not just put people on a scale and add it up?


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