Monday, February 13, 2006

Any Madonna's left?

Mindy and I were discussing this on our drive back from Detroit.

I was saying that I don't like artists that feel contrived, pointing out that one easy way to spot them is if they don't ever say anything controversial. I said that, if you don't have anything controversial to say you are bulshitting everyone. You're acting.

Mindy pointed out that not everyone has strong opinions on "important things," that they rarely even think about them. Which is true, I sometimes forget.

But still, I was bashing Britney Spears and how she peaked so early that she had to find something to do in her life (get married, have a family, become trash) to keep her busy. She had sold more records than she ever will so now what do you do?

Madonna came on the stereo and I tried to come up with an equivalent - not in stature and panache, but just in relative talent and longevity.

Someone current.

SOmeone who is controversial and not fake.

Someone like Alanis Morissette but with more long term success.

And I couldn't. How sad, I thought.

So who is out there that isn't fake, that is incredibly successful, and will be for a long time?

Help me out here.


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