Thursday, February 2, 2006

Two For the Money

This is a really weird movie. The premise, the story, is pretty good, considering it was based on a true story. But the acting sucks. Pacino sucks, Russo sucked (which was a surprise, I didn't think she could), and McConoughey was his good ol' self.

This movie was so cheesy it hurt - all the way to the end. Especially the end.

A lot of it is unclear, the TV sequences are horrible, as are the football sequences.

Just bad all around.

If you get the DVD, watch the interview with the real guy, that's much more interesting than the movie. Plus, look at the filmmaker and listen to him - no wonder this movie is so bad.

It's even more shocking that Roger Ebert gave this movie one of it's most positive (and there weren't many) reviews out there.

Very weird.


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