Friday, March 3, 2006

Chicago hating its Icons

More bashing directed at MJ, this time by Rick Telander at the Times.

Here is the email I sent them about it:

Dear Sun Times,
I just read Rick Telander's article "Sharing comes
naturally to LeBron" and I couldn't help but notice
the amount of negativity being directed at former
sports icons in the city.

What's going on here? Is it that in every case, Frank
Thomas, Sammy Sosa, and Michael Jordan, the athlete
has somehow wronged the city and deserves to be hated?

To some degree, I agree.

Sammy Sosa is selfish. He cheated.

Frank Thomas is a primadonna with a big mouth.

Michael Jordan was selfish and self-centered.

But aren't these the very qualities that made us adore
them so much during their glory days? Isn't it
hypocritical of us to hate them now, during their down
time, for the things that made us come to our feet

I agree, they all deserve a degree of criticism, but
never forget what each did for their city and that
each one of them was the greatest at what they do/did
in their sport.

I'm not saying to let the bad things go, but don't
forget about all those good times they gave us.
Respect that and remember it.


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