Friday, March 24, 2006

Man in Afghanistan may be put to death for converting

Check out this story here.

This is the real, underlying issue that has been overlooked in the whole mess about going to Iraq and Afghanistan. This government believes that all people, deep down, are the same: we want freedom and we want a better life for ourselves.

Which may be true, but religion stands in the way. This is the way they want to run their governments. They want a government that kills a man for converting away from Islam. That's just what they believe. It may sound shocking to us but that's just their belief system.

So what are you going to do? Eventually the administration will realize that they can only go so far. You can go spread freedom and kill terrorists all you want, but if the people—the citizens—all want something that we think is bad for them, we have to let them have it. It's the spirit of democracy and major problem of democracy. We know it well. After all, look at who we have in power.


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