Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup

Unfortunately, because of the timing thing, I can’t watch as many games as I’d like. I’m at work all day and the only games I’ve been able to see are in the morning, before I come in. But I get to see one of the most powerful parts: the players coming into the stadium and standing before the swelling crowd to hear their national anthems.

There is no feeling in the world that can compare to hearing your national anthem being played over the loudspeakers, so that everyone there can hear it (has to hear it), right before competing in an international event where you are representing your country.


Even watching these guys (today it was Ukraine and Spain) standing there listening to an anthem that means nothing to me fills me with that buzz and electricity that takes over your whole body.

I wish more Americans could feel that, especially when it comes to the World Cup.


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