Thursday, November 2, 2006

Deal or No Deal

I feel like I haven an inside scoop on this show because I read an article on Howie Mandel, the show's host, where he basically calls the contestants greedy idiots for getting lured by the big numbers instead of just taking the otherwise immense amounts of money on the board.

Today a black lady, Anita English, had the best game of the show so far. She ended up taking 313,000 dollars, which is amazing. Her highest offer was above 400,000. So not bad. She had it down to just three cases and the one she had picked was one dollar. So she did well.

But when 360,000 was on the table and turned it down, she gave a glimpse into the mentality these contestants have when they are under the lights and the prospect of being a millionaire are right up there on the big board.

Before turning down 360,000 dollars she justified it by saying "We came with nothing and if we leave with nothing, it's OK."

360,000 is nothing?



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