Saturday, July 7, 2007

Knocked Up—Review

What's the deal? A young, up-and-coming TV reporter with ambition has a one-night stand with your prototypical loser/stoner guy. Hilarity actually really does ensue.
Who's in it? Katherine Heigl and the guy who plays a similar character in some other movie. 40 Year Old Virgin?
Doesn't the What's the deal bullet essentially tell me all I need to know about the movie? Should I even watch it now? It's got some really funny/meaningful dialog that really captures the college feel, even though no one in the movie is in college.
It is NOT believable that this hot girl will first have sex with and then even consider getting together with this guy, right? Well, sort of. The movie even acknowledges it as much. He says it over and over how he doesn't see why a girl would like him, and especially not this one. But they also tell you why it could happen—they are both good/nice people that aren't superficial (as most of us are), so that counts for something.
Who I would like to have seen onscreen: Mr. Skin. At work we actually distribute his book and he's been in the office a few times. He's kind of become a sort of mythical figure that all us guys mentally bow down to because he's basically making a ton of money doing what the loner/stoners do in the movie for their "big idea."
Lesson to be learned: Read the baby books guys, just do it. It's pretty much all you have to do while she has to get a watermelon out via the butt. Picture that. Let that image burn in there a bit. See that? Read the baby books.
I like how: The couple that was married wasn't perfect. This was more believable, as opposed to most comedies where the other couple is great and has no problems. I also liked the relationship issues that were brought up about needing alone time, sane time, etc. Not just for the man, but the woman too.
The most honest guy in the history of movies: This guy.
His most honest line: So, honestly, if this were our second date, what would we be doing? He says, "Honestly? BJ." Priceless.
Some weird parts: They just didn't lead to anything. The Asian gyno who was just mean, rude, and a little racially obtuse. He later comes around. Also, the voicemail the guy leaves their original gyno—what was that all about?
And one personal thing: I kept waiting for the whole Jewish question to be dealt with and it never came up. I didn't think it was realistic.
What to tell your bf to get him to go see it: The Las Vegas scenes, Heigl is hot.
What to tell your gf to get her to go see it: It's a relationship movie, kind of a chick flick (watch out for the inevitable, "What would we/you do if that happened to us?"—have a good response at the ready).
Wrapping it up: It's a funny/silly movie about real hardcore life issues without softening up how serious they are.
Carlos, you're recommending a funny, silly, romantic comedy style movie? Yes. I rarely do, but this is up there with Something About Mary and Meet the Parents.


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