Saturday, December 31, 2005


I've been keeping track of this Investools infomercial lately and it got me doing a little research. Why? Well, like most infomercials, it sounds too dumb and too good to be true. You go to a free seminar and then you go from there.

I've learned that, if you can't get specific pricing on something then it's probably a scam. They want to exite you and lure you into their world (the seminar) and then BAM! try to sell you something then. Not gonna happen chumps.

But the infomercial itself (by the way it's for a program that will make you tons of money investing) has some quirky stuff in it.

This one woman says, “Investools gave us the opportunity to make the decision that I would be able to quit my career and stay home and do this full time. I owe them a great deal.”

She's sitting in the kitchen with a laptop that she clearly has no idea how to work. And she's thankful that being on the computer all day allowed her to quit her career?


One of the instructors looks like an underachieving failure after a major Hollywood makeover (tan, new clothes, new haircut) and some confidence gained from fooling older, more vulnerable people. A loser, basically.

It's tough to find information on the internet, usually you see all kinds of scam postings all over.

But they seem to have covered theire tracks somehow, because there's very little out there and most of it seems to be dummy information put out there by the company itself.

What I did figure out is that they try to sell you stuff that costs upwards of 10,000 dollars, all for information that is common knowledge on Wall Street. They also charge an outrageous monthly fee.

Unless those seminars are all about how to run your own scam, I wouldn't go anywhere near Investools. Just watch the infomercials if you want, they're very entertaining and you can almost see the actors in it and how their souls are already beggind for forgiveness.


Anonymous kewl moe d said...

are you aware that they're a publicly traded company?

how does that change your analysis?

11:51 AM  

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