Monday, January 16, 2006


From the Sun Times:
''The plan was to get them off us a little bit,'' Grossman said of the Panthers' amped-up defense. ''We wanted to stretch the field a little bit, loosen them up, and then start getting the run going.''

The strategy looked better on the chalkboard than on the Soldier Field turf.

That's all I could find about why the Bears didn't do what they said they were going to do (which is what got them this far in the first place): run the football.

yeah the defense sucked, but that's because two guys fell down, resulting in two TDs.

Peanut Tillman will be fires this week, I guarantee it. I called it after the play where he tried to intercept instead of bat the ball away at the one yard line. He sucked so bad yesterday it's crazy.

Why this isn't being talked about more in the media is beyond me, but it seems to me like they tried to alter their gameplan to counter whatever preparations the other team made before the game.

Basically, it feels like they used this kind of logic:

- We are a running team, the other team knows that
- They will be preparing to meet a running team
- If we bring a passing game to them instead, they will be unprepared
- We may catch them unawares if we switch to a passing game.
- Let's pass like crazy then

It sounds logical if you're a six-year old, since they forgot these other two maxims:

- We suck at passing the ball
- We have a very good running game



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