Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Michael J Fox

Yes, he actually issick.

I've been hearing for years about how he was beating whatever disease it is he's got and how it caused him to leave whatever show it was he was on a few years back.

But I never understood, I never saw any evidence of any kind of disease. No twitching, no wincing, no sudden outbursts of movement.

Until tonight, while watching Boston Legal. It's painfully obvious. He does his best, as he's probably been doing for years, but whatever it is is just too strong right now - it can no longer fool anyone, not even someon like me that has no idea what to look for.

I felt horrible watching him onscreen as he tried to pretend his character meant to turn in such a way to make a point or create an effect, when what it was was just his disease crying out for the recognition it's been denied for so long.

Michael J Fox is one hell of a fucking trooper.


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