Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Me watch figure skating? That's unpossible!

But I did. I watched Dan and Hao Zhang in their quest to pull off a move that has never been completed in competition. That's some exciting shit right there.

It's a move where the guy picks up the girl by the waist and throws her as far as he can, she spins in the air like a rag doll, and is supposed to come down into a spin. But Dan (the girl) came down hard on her knee and was obviously injured. She cried but she got up, tested the knee, and continued to skate. Then finished her routing. Amazing. They won a medal for it. It was awe inspiring. Incredible.

Read here for more and try to ignore the awful writing and cheesy picture of the primadonna that wrote this drivel.

Actually, this article (http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics/torino2006/news?slug=reu-figureskatingchinajudgingdc&prov=reuters&type=lgns) is much better.

Also interesting was that the coach of the Chinese team was one of the first figure skaters the country ever had. He learned only from pictures and the girl wore a helmet throughout their rather bad performance to protect her from the falls.

I saw the tape and it was embarassing. They were laughed out of the arena.

Now he's back and is presiding over medal winners. A great story.



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