Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Match Point

This movie had me waiting and waiting to see what the “moment” would be. You’ll get it once you see it. The movie lays out what it’s going to be about at the very beginning, then tells you a story based on the one idea. It’s interesting because it’s probably how a lot of us think. We have an idea and then we want to dress it up with stuff and tell a story around that one idea.

It works here. The main actor looks like he’s Joaquin Phoenix’s younger brother, it’s really weird, especially that Gladiator-esque accent.

I liked how Crime and Punishment was weaved in too, that was cool, especially with the ending.

Overall, it was a pretty nifty movie. My biggest problem was Scarlett Johansson. Let me fill you in a dirty secret: she can’t act in movies where she has to talk. Girl With a Pearl Earring? Good, no talking. Lost in Translation? Good, no talking. The Island? Some talking, not good. Match Point? Lots of talking, horrible.

Go figure.


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