Friday, March 3, 2006


This guy who wote an article about the Matsui situation at 2B for the Mets is really a "glass full" kind of guy. For those that don't know, Matsui cam from Japan and has had two awful, injury-filled seasons. If he's lucky he'll make the team and have a job. This tells you how desperate they are:

An ideal No. 2 hitter takes pitches, makes contact and excels at hitting when behind in the count, and Randolph said Matsui embodied those characteristics. When Matsui, a switch-hitter, bats left-handed, he makes it difficult for a catcher trying to throw out a runner trying to steal second, and Reyes, who bats leadoff, has said repeatedly that he wants to take advantage of his speed this season.

Oh well we beter put him in there, that's a talented young man!


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