Saturday, March 25, 2006

No Pressure?

So I’m watching the Cubs play in spring training and the guy pitching is a huge (as in tall) lefthander that wasn’t supposed to make the team. But because of injuries, he’s in the race to become the Cubs’ fifth starter. Turns out that the game is being played in Hohokam park, the Cubs’ home park in Arizona during spring training. Jim Hendry, the Cubs’ GM and the guy who decides (along with the manager) who makes the team, is in the stands. Since he’s the head honcho, he has the best seat in the house - right behind home plate. You can see him sitting with what could be his young children, drinking water and eating some ice cream. And the young minor leaguer is pitching, all on the same screen. Pressure? Turns out Marshall is pitching a hell of a ball game. It’s just so weird seeing the GM sitting right there watching you play. The other weird thing is he isn’t focused 100% on the game, he’s got his kids with him. So he’s looking at them, making sure they don’t fall or whatever kids do. He’s just all around busy. And what do you do if you’re Sean Marshall after you throw a nasty curveball that freezes a major league hitter and he was busy cleaning ice cream off his kid’s shirt?

I don’t know, I’d be nervous and anxious as hell.


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