Wednesday, March 8, 2006


The World Baseball Championships, some people hate it and some love it.

For those of us who have watched a baseball game in a latin-american country, we know the answer to the question of whether this should've been done or not. It's easy.

For those that haven't, try to think of what the World Cup is like. If you're in the majority of Americans, you don't know what that means. The best I can offer you is March Madness on a global scale.

For the rest of you, read this article.

From the article:
Guess what? In these two countries, they love baseball in a way we don't. In these two countries, you could argue they have come to play it better than we do, too.

Dominicans and Venezuelans, more than any other people you can name, are raised on baseball to a degree we no longer are. It is why more than one-third of all players currently in the minor leagues are from those two countries. It is why plenty of people can see a day coming when Major League Baseball's main pipelines begin in the two nations we saw play here Tuesday.

Not only that, even the Japanese are more enthusiastic at games than Americans, by a long shot.


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