Monday, May 15, 2006

Ozzie playing Nintendo?

From an article in the Tribune:

"Do the umpires have a tough job to do?" Guillen said. "Yes. Do they have to control the game? Yes. But it's getting to the point where you feel like you just make the lineup, sit there and shut up. And if another manager doesn't want to say that, I do. They should just let the players play the game. Someone gets hit, all of a sudden you can't [retaliate]. They send a note saying, 'We're watching you.' Like you're a headhunter. Someone balks and they tell you that you can't argue a balk.

"It's pretty much like you're sitting there just playing Nintendo. You're not doing your job. When you're not doing your job you feel like you're letting people down. I didn't say anything against the umpires, but there are so many rules, it's tough to deal with. People forgot how to play the game. They [mess with] a lot of managers, they [mess with] a lot of players."

He has a point, plus it's funny.


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