Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sox - Cubs Brawl

Just got home and I turn on the TV and BAM!! All hell breaks loose at US Cellular field. On a fly ball to left, AJ Piersynski tags up, smacks into Barrett, he's safe, then he gets up and - maybe a little out of it - bumps into Barrett again, who's not happy about it and he gives him a bear hug that turns into a right to the face. THen everyone goes nuts.

THe announcers are staying neutral on this.

"Who knows what AJ said to Barrett"

"Why is AJ bumping into Barrett there? The dugout is in the other direction."

"You still don't punch someone like that."

When it comes down to it, Barrett got frustrated. He shouldn't have thrown a punch. No good.

Now Iguchi hits a homerun and Cubs fans everywhere are like "Fuck"


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