Friday, May 19, 2006

You gotta send E-Mail to get E-Mail

That was the way I always felt about it, and for the longest time it held true. If you sit around clicking on "Check Email," hoping to have something from someone, anyone, you'll probably go nuts or just be very disappointed. We yearn to get mail, to get a package, to get an e-mail - it tells our ego that someone out there is thinking of us, wants to hear about us, cares what we think.

And in my experience, when I wanted to receive, I would sit down and type out a whole bunch of emails. That is, I would give. And, lo and behold, I would get (over the course of a few days) a cluster of emails back.

It was a nice analogy to life in general.

But last week I sent a ton of emails (my ego was getting that itchy feeling) and I've still to get a response (ok, maybe one).

So much for my theory.


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