Friday, September 1, 2006

No TV Part II

The more I think about my idea of getting rid of my TV, the more I realize how different it will be from Paris. For one, I have a job, not a 4 hour class. So that's less time at home right there. Two, I have a girlfriend, and her place has cable, so if I'm over there and she wants to watch something, then what? I won't watch? What if she wants to watch something at my place? I always have to go to her place?

It gets complicated, but because I don't spend THAT much time at home, alone, as it is, it wouldn't be nearly as hard/rewarding as I would've hoped.

But I don't know, something about trying it still calls to me.

I think I should do it. The whole idea is to free myself of these kind of trifling "problems" ("But we can't watch it here..." and so on).


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