Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coach Skiles - Headbandgate

I'm starting to doubt whether Skiles is a good coach or not. His style is right up my alley - I love it. He is hard on his players, pushes them, doesn't coddle them, and expects them to put in hard work and effort every time they take the court, be it for practice or a game. He also doesn't want selfish players on his team, no matter how good they are. But the results just haven't been there.

Here's what he said about the whole headband thing with Ben Wallace:

"The guys have a chef making them lunch, and they don't touch their bag from the time the bag guy takes it until it gets to their hotel room, and they fly first-class and they get paid millions of dollars," coach Scott Skiles said. "They get a hotel room downtown on the day of the game if they want one. They stay at Ritz-Carltons [on the road].

"I would say that so much is done for the players that less than a handful of things we require back should be followed."

And I'm reminded why I like him so much.

Here is a random quote I found on his wikipedia page:

"Basketball is like religion: many attend, few understand."


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