Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Damon update

Saw an old post on the old blog about the Damon move by the Yankees. Here's what I predicted:

First, look at what Damon said about it:

Damon said Boston did not attempt to match New York's offer.

"A good leadoff hitter is tough to find, and I think that New York just found the best leadoff hitter in the game," he told WBZ.

Which is a stretch. Quite a stretch. It's obvious to me that his agent, Scott Boras, has been pumping him full of bullshit (the way he does to all his clients), getting him to believe all the junk in his little notebooks he passes out about his free agents.

Best leadoff hitter in the game? I'll take Juan Pierre, I'll take Furcal, I'll take Luis Castillo even, Podsednik, the list goes on.

He was a much better leadoff man in Kansas City. Which brings me to my other point: Boston and New York, at least in terms of baseball, are so out of touch with reality it's scary.

Damon will be making around the same amount Paul Konerko will make.

He hit 10 homeruns last season. Stole 18 bags. He throws like a girl. He walked fewer times than he has in 8 years.

Sure he hit .316 and scored 117 runs. But he had Manny and Ortiz behind him.

My prediction?

He hits .290, 12HRs, steals 15 bags, scores over 100 runs, and the Yankees try to trade him away in a couple of years.

It's the same old story all over again.

So how did I do? Not too bad:

Prediction Reality
.290 .285
12HR 24HR
15SB 25SB
100+R 115R

Not bad, but I clearly missed the boat on the homeruns. Will he be traded before his contract is over? Tough to say, he's built up quite a following and in a lesser Bernie Williams kind of way he may just stick around for the whole contract.


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