Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Real OC

Laguna Beach, this reality show about rich high-school kids that has absolutely nothing to do with reality, is getting railed by some parents in the community, according to this article in the New York Times.

They are angry that the show is giving people "the wrong idea" about their beautiful, wealthy, upscale town since all the kids are depicted as shallow people with deep pockets. That MTV has "hijacked" their town. Ridiculous.

As usual, my first response is, where are the parents? Not these parents, but the parents of the kids on the show? As usual, they are nowhere to be seen. I've watched the show and they are never there, never around. Granted it's edited, but the parents are NEVER there.

The best response comes from MTV itself:

A spokeswoman for MTV, Marnie Black, said the parents’ concerns were news to her. She suggested that just a handful of residents disliked the show and that it had been a boon to local businesses.

“This show is about seven kids whose parents consented to their involvement and who themselves consented,” Ms. Black said. “We never represented this show as depicting the town of Laguna Beach.”


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