Monday, February 12, 2007

Chicago Portfolio School

There is a debate everyone has to plow through when considering working in advertising: go to portfolio school or not? Basically, all it is is a school dedicated to building a killer portfolio, which will eventually lead to a job in advertising.

I was thinking about going to the Chicago Portfolio School last year but couldn't get enough of a consensus about what it was like. The big ones - the Miami Ad school, the Atlanta Portfolio School, and so on - are well known, but I couldn't find a lot on the Chicago school.

Well, last week I met someone who is in the program. He's in it for what I want: copywriting. I asked so many questions I think I scared the guy. But it was helpful because it reassured me in my decision, which is to just do it on my own and keep my job (with school, you basically have to quit, or at least work part time).

He said that, if you aren't motivated, then it's a good option. Well, I don't consider myself an unmotivated person, so I'll just stick to my own system.


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