Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let the Obama bashing begin

So the latest bit of news is the rumor Insight magazine published about Obama having gone to a Madrassa school as a six-year-old boy in Indonesia. The magazine didn't quote anyone by name, and didn't mention how they got this info.

CNN went to the school and dispelled the rumor right away. Fox News, however, continued to report on it and bring up the rumor.

Steve Doocey of Fox News asked:

“Why didn’t anybody ever mention that that man right there was raised — spent the first decade of his life, raised by his Muslim father — as a Muslim and was educated in a Madrassa?”

Never mind that the rumor is false, we pretty much knew that he was going to get trashed somehow, with something. He's one of the biggest, baddest candidates in the race and so has a huge bullseye on his back. So this was expected. There will be more to come.

(It's interesting to note that one rumor had the Hillary Clinton camp starting the rumor, not the Republicans, but the Clinton camp says no, that that would be too dangerous a move, since it could backfire due to Obama's incredible popularity)

But never mind all that. The question that comes to my mind is the ineptitude of the people at whom this rumor is aimed. It's not meant for you and me, it's meant for the Bible-belt crowd that will not accept anything outside of what they know.

But it's sad, because as much as I would like to say "a small group of people," I can't. It's a huge group of people in the country (half of the US population that voted in the last election) and it's embarrassing that the mere whisper of Obama being a Muslim (which his father was) could prove an effective way of keeping him from winning the presidency.

Sad, sad, sad. It's the type of thing that makes Obama that much bigger, that much more important in today's world of politics.

Obama is now the personification of hope. Now we just have to get him into office.


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