Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Geja's — Review

This Chicago restaurant is well known for being one of the most romantic restaurants in Chicago. The first time I went it was with Mindy, she took me for my birthday. It was actually one of the first, real sit-down dinners we ever went on.

Since then I've done some reading about it and there is a group of fierce dinner goers that just hates the place because it's so well know, because it's expensive, and because so many other people like it.

But lets get this straight: this place rocks. We went again last night and it was awesome. The dinners come with fondue for dipping an assortment of breads and fruits. The cheese is a blend of swiss and something else, and it tastes incredible.

Next is the main dish, depending on what you ordered. The combination plate is a popular choice, and all the meats and seafood are exceptional. You cook these yourself in the fondue pot boiling on the table.

Next is the dessert, which consists of a pot of chocolate to dip strawberries and other fruits.

Whatever you read about this place, know this: it's a great restaurant with great food at a fair price.

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