Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Intelligence vs Education

Here's an interesting piece on how most of us, while touting the importance of education for all, have forgotten that some kids just aren't intelligent. The author goes on to discuss certain "basic" barometers that separate passing and failing:

What IQ is necessary to give a child a reasonable chance to meet the NAEP's basic achievement score? Remarkably, it appears that no one has tried to answer that question. We only know for sure that if the bar for basic achievement is meaningfully defined, some substantial proportion of students will be unable to meet it no matter how well they are taught. As it happens, the NAEP's definition of basic achievement is said to be on the tough side. That substantial proportion of fourth-graders who cannot reasonably be expected to meet it could well be close to 36%.

It's really interesting and makes you think twice, but worst of all it creates the doubt in your mind about what to feel about education. Keep pushing it (which has been very tough)? Or change the way we think about implementing it?


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