Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Iran's Holocaust Denial Conference

I was ready to dismiss this as just another PR stunt to get some public support from the people that already hate Israel in the region. But then I spotted some Jewish people attending the conference. Not just Jews, but Rabbis, ultra-orthodox and the whole deal. And I thought, what's this about? It made me really curious and I couldn't find anything about it online. In this particular picture, a rabbie is swapping business cards with some other dude.

So what's the story here?

Turns out there is a group of ultra-orthodox Jews called Naturei Karta. Their whole deal is based solely and literally on scripture:

Neturei Karta teaches that the exile of the Jews can end only with the arrival of the Messiah, and that human attempts to return to the Land of Israel are sinful.

Which is pretty far out there, but then again, so all are religions.

There, mystery solved as to how and why Rabbis were at a conference seeking to disprove the holocaust.

Well, turns out there is something in the news after all:

His words received warm applause from delegates at the Holocaust conference, who included ultra-Orthodox anti-Israel Jews and European and American writers who argue the Holocaust was either fabricated or exaggerated.


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