Sunday, December 3, 2006

Review: Three Nights in August

I had tried to start this book once before, when all the hype was in full swing. I couldn't get past the prologue (or was it the preface? It has both). Either way, I'm glad I plowed through it. Yes, it delivers the promise of showing fans the intricacies, the "pulleys and levers" of the game, of the decisions the manager must make. Writing in the context of a three-game series is also very effective, as the many deviations and side stories make it entertaining.

There is an especially touching scene with Mike Matheny and his wife which I really liked, as well as the heartbreaking description of Darryl Kile's death. That made me bawl.

Anyway, it included some stuff I didn't know, but not a whole lot. If you are a casual fan though, as I think most people are no matter what they think, it will include a lot of fresh information that people didn't know.

Overall, very enjoyable writing, the pace moves briskly, and LaRussa proves to be a very intriguing personality, as well as a few of the players.

Though is was a little annoying to hear the reverence for Pujols, it's the only way to really bring home how much he is in a different class.

Good book, and I'll definitely check out Friday Night Lights, which I meant to read anyway at some point, also by Bissinger.


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