Monday, December 11, 2006

Borat Review

Went to see this last night after clamoring to see it since it came out. First, I have to say that I have watched the show before and think he is very funny. Some of the stuff he does as Borat for his show is brilliant, in my opinion. So when I saw this movie came out to such good reviews, even in the mainstream, I was psyched, convinced that he had put together his best stuff and made a movie out of it.

I was wrong.

The movie has it's funny moments, and I guess is too true to the show in that way. A few of the clips have some redeeming qualities, but the idea of one cohesive storyline (since this is a movie) means he has to put some stuff in there that just isn't funny. It's more of a set up than a joke.

But most of the clips aren't funny, and this is something that happens on the show too. Unfortunately, some of these clips run long and are pretty painful. Also, I saw it with Mindy, who is Jewish, and some of the stuff he was saying ran a little out of context, it just came across as offensive, button pushing, not as it does on the show, which is as a part of his whole social commentary.

So overall it wasn't funny and was a boring to sit through. I could care less about the story, the draw in this movie is duping people, just like it is on the show, and here he does it with mixed results.

Then there is the nude scene. It's just disgusting. Not funny at all. Gross. The only thing I thought was funny about it was that they crashed a Mortgage Broker's meeting and that the black out rectangle covering Borat's penis was like two feet long. Other than that, watch out. There was a little girl sitting with her mom close to us and I can't imagine how she explained what was going on.

A big disappointment. I can't understand why so many people gave the movie such good reviews. My only answer is that maybe they've never seen the show, and so to them this is new territory. Maybe they aren't aware of how brilliant Borat can be, and that this movie doesn't quite show that.

In all, a bit frustrating because more people will see this movie than the show, and will probably get the wrong impression of his show, which I think is one of the funniest things on TV right now. This movie. . . NOT!


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