Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Best Buy and ROWE

A couple of great little articles (a short one and a longer, Time magazine one) on the way Best Buy is revolutionizing the way workers spend time (or don't) at the office.

Instead of being evaluated on how much time you spend at the office, you are evaluated on how much work you actually get done, which is music to my ears. I've always prouded myself as someone who works hard and fast, someone that gets things done. But sometimes I've noticed that it either a) isn't valued or b) simply gets me more work to do, other people's work. Which, in the context of teamwork, is fine. But as an individual, can be a little frustrating. And of course, I am the type of person that would like more flexibility with my time, and with having to come in to the office.

Best Buy's system, which was implemented from down-up, not top down, doesn't have set hours or obligatory meetings. The only thing it measures is whether or not you're getting your work done. Are you? Good, keep at it. So far they've already gotten good returns on the system, as workers' productivity has increased and turnover has been all but eliminated.

Sound too good to be true? Probably is, but it's probably way better than the current system. We'd always find a way to complain about things, about ROWE, but that's just human nature. At least under that system we can just get up, walk out, and go see a movie instead of having to sit and stare at the screen for five more hours.



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