Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bid Nip

This is a cool little tool that allows EBay bidders to bid seconds before an auction closes, which allows you to bid the maximum amount you want to spend and not push up the price of the item. It's an intriguing service, one that will incite many a moral discussions, but the very first question I had was what would happen if two snipers (that's what they call it, "sniping") bid on the same item. Their FAQ answers it thusly:

What happens when multiple users are sniping the same item?
BidNip does not affect the rules of eBay auctions. The person who places the highest bid before the end of the auction wins. For complete rules, please check eBay Buyer's Guide.

So unless both snipers bid the exact same amount, it shouldn't be an issue. But what if, by some chance, that did happen? Would the Bid Nip computers blow up? I wonder what EBay has to say about all this.


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