Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When the Levees Broke - Review

This Spike Lee documentary first aired on HBO in four parts. I rented it on 2 DVDs.

It's about Katrina, what happened just prior, during, and after. The inadequate preparations for the storm are easily outweighed by the incredibly inept response to the tragedy that unfolded once the storm had passed.

This is the toughest part of the documentary to deal with. Why wasn't more done faster? Why, why, why?

This movie does what Al Gore mentions in An Inconvenient Truth when he states that, once legislators (and everyone else) accept that global warming is a real problem, it creates a moral imperative impossible to ignore. Watch this movie forces you to think about why people weren't helped sooner and why they were continually treated so badly even when the magnitude of what had happened came to light.

Lee does a great job of letting the people who suffered through this tell their stories, and some of them are just plain heartbreaking. He also includes some footage of the Superdome and the storm that I'd never seen before.

This movie is a must for every citizen of this country.


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