Monday, February 19, 2007

Taxi Rides

Taxi rides are really interesting. Every time you get into one, you're bound to run into a very interesting character (or just weird). Last night we got into a cab with a guy who had another one of those earpieces in his ear. As usual, they are all ALWAYS on the phone. I'd like to know what cellphone plan these guys have and what the hell they talk about all day. I admit, being in a cab all day sucks, but what the hell do you talk about for that long? I have no idea.

Anyway, this guy was from Nigeria and he asked me where I was from.

"Guama who? What is that?"

"South of Mexico" I wasn't feeling chatty at all.

"Oh Mexico? You from Mexico?"

Then a car almost crashed into us and he starts laughing and saying how that person probably comes from New York or something.

This was clearly a schtick of his, something he does for all his rides whenever he almost crashes. But then he kept going, "or Michigan or California or something, you know. Is crazy!" Little did he know the backseat had a family of four - all from Michigan. Then he kept ranting about people that don't know how to drive, and I had no idea what he was saying. I just kept nodding and saying "Yeah? Yeah."

Cab rides. I should write about every single cab ride I take, it would make a good little compilation volume.


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