Saturday, July 7, 2007


Who's in it? A bunch of hot people, Angelina Jolie's father, and the nerd from Quiz Show. Optimus Prime and Megatron.
What's the deal? Remember the toys you sued to play with? The cartoon you used to watch? They're all in the past now. From here on out, this is Transformers. For the uninitiated, mechanical aliens from another planet are able to transform into cars, planes, tanks, etc.
I'm sensing a positive review: You are correct sir. I went thinking, "It's before the release date, it's free, and—if anything—the trailer showed some pretty sweet special FX."
So are the effects cool? Does a bear shit in the woods? I can't remember the last time I saw a movie in theaters where the crows ooed and awwed like this. People were reacting like David Blaine was on the screen doing his thing. I heard a lot of
"What??!!! (Chuckle)"
Usually these scenes were followed by cheers and/or applause. Granted, most of the crowd were huge Transformer fans—they recognized things from the cartoon that I didn't really catch. But that energy was great. I didn't see it, but you could feel that tons of people had their elbows in their friends sides, slightly pushing as an effect unfolded (as in "yo yo yo are you seeing this!?"). When it was over, his hand would go to his mouth, he'd turn to his friend go "Hooooo! Man!" (I use he since 85% of the crowd was male, trusty Mindy was a sport about the whole thing*).
So what else? The movie is long, around 2 hours 15 minutes, which is good. Lots of effects to squeeze in. But the first half of the movie was "better" that the next. It's actually a hilarious movie with smart dialog for a big, blockbuster movie that is going for that over-the-top effect. You would be tempted, before watching it, to group it with movies like Fast and the Furious or any other eye-candy, summer blockbuster movie with a bunch of bad actors and sweet special effects. This movie isn't dumb though. It knows what it is and it avoids most of the pitfalls those kinds of movies fall into (lame dialog, unconvincing characters, ridiculous story lines, etc.).
The first half: Gets off to a great start. Sets everything up nicely and draws you into the story. Dialog is sharp and things move along quickly. Occasional spectacular graphics.
Midway point: The kid is looking for the glasses in his room and the Transformers are "hiding" in the yard. This scene is funny, yes, but it drags on forever.
Second half: Action, action, action. Here it stretches itself out a bit and you start to feel it getting a little long. It feels like it takes forever to get to that last scene between Prime and Megatron.
Prime vs Megatron: Kind of a letdown how quickly it ends after such a long buildup. Still great though.
Will you like it? The theater was filled with Transformer nerds—they loved it. Mindy didn't even want to be there—she loved it. I'm in the middle somewhere—I loved it.
Didn't expect: It would be as funny as it was without being stupid. I mean, it's hilarious in certain parts.
What to tell your bf to get him to go see it: The girl in it is smoking hot (she will also be set for life once this comes out). Also, huge transforming robots battle it out, Optimus Prime is in it.
What to tell your gf to get her to go see it: Optimus Prime is in it. Mindy liked it.
Final analysis: Yes, the guy and the girl are brought together artificially and there is the occasional cheesy line towards the end, but hey, it's a movie about huge transforming robots from outer space come to save the day. A few cheesy moments are a decent trade off.
$$$ This movie will break records, it's going to get people watching it 3-4 times and word of mouth is going to make it HUGE.

* She didn't really want to go, but she loved it!


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