Tuesday, January 3, 2006


Now that I'm no longer at work (it was my first day, I couldn't post much), I can talk more about what I thought of Munich.

The controversy surrounding this movie (Spielberg portraying Arabs positively or Jews negatively) kind of ruined part of it for me. I was kind of paying attention to certain things to see if there was anything indeed controversial.

Did I find anything? Yes.

The Jews in the movie die horrible deaths. All the deaths suck, mind you, but the way the guys who got kidnapped are portrayed as dying (especially the guy that gets shot in the cheek) is just brutal. The scene where the woman gets killed is horrible too, but most of the Arabs die by explosions or bullet wounds that aren't anywhere near the gore factor produced by the cheek scene.

I hate to be talking so much about the one scene but I can't remember the way some of the other guys died.

The point being that this gore was awful graphic and it really affected me a lot, I think it was worse than Schindler's List.

But regardless of all that, and here is the genius behind the movie, it's still a fantastic movie.

My favorite scene is when Avnar and the Arab guy are having a conversation, without knowing who Avnar was, and he says, "Home is everything." That scene was genius.

It's a great movie.


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