Friday, February 17, 2006

Chicago may get free internet

As I recall, Phillie was the first place that did/thought of this. Either way, it's exciting as hell. Not only because it would save me some money, but because a portable Wi-Fi device wouldn't just be for show anymore—it would actually be incredibly helpful and useful.

Imagine you're on your way to get a movie at Blockbuster (your free Netflix trial has ended) and OH NO! they don't have the movie you want. You whip out your Palm and check the movie times, hey we can make it to the Landmark's neverending run of Good Night Good Luck, and off to the movies you go. Or send a quick email and so on, the possibilities are endless.

Trib story here.

I thought this was pretty interesting too:

Houston, for example, determined that a Wi-Fi network would allow it to create a low-cost parking meter operation that accepts debit or credit cards.

Now that's using technology to help make everyday issues easier to deal with.

Coins and cash are slowly going the way of the dinosaur.


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