Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New McDonalds

I went to the new McDonalds here in Chicago. It’s not “new” in the sense that it just opened, it’s new in the sense that it’s a new type of design for the franchise. First of all, it’s huge. Two floors connected by an escalator. There are like 10 cash registers. The windows look like they’re fused together by huge jacks.

I went upstairs to sit down and eat my burger and there were a few sections that seemed to fancy for me to even think of sitting in. Yes, fancy, at a McDonalds. Crazy. The trash receptacles have “Merci” inscribed on them. There is a counter upstairs for ice cream or coffee, like a diner-type area. It’s very pleasing to the eye and makes you feel like you’re somewhere in the future. The only thing missing was a waiter in a silver jump suit.

It reminded me of Demolition Man and how Taco Bell was this fancy restaurant in the future. It really did.

Here’s what the Tribune had to say about it.


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