Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More language quirks

Here is something from the Daily Herald:

But the absolute worst part, the statement that frightens you when you think about Tejada joining a Chicago club, is this Miggy quote from the winter:

“I am not asking for a team of superstars, I only want a good group that helps me to win.’’

A good group that helps me to win.

If that doesn’t reek of Sammy Sosa disease, what does?

Sure it reeks of Sammy Sosa disease, but this reporter seems to have been looking for the connection and trying to find evidence of it rather than the other way around. I assume he's focusing on the "helps me to win" part.

Does it sound selfish? Sure. Is it? That depends.

If he said it in English then you have to leave room for him misspeaking. A malapropism. Non-native speakers do it all the time, it gives them color and personality.

But it also gives reporters a chance to focus on details and make something out of nothing.

Sammy Sosa and Miguel Tejada in the same boat? Come on...


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