Monday, February 20, 2006

More Language issues in MLB

I'm telling you, these things come in bunches.

This time it's Livan Hernandez:

"The knee is going to be all right for the season," Hernandez said. "There's no hurt, last like year. Last year, sometimes I get out of the bed and feel pain."

"There's no hurt" is OK. Not perfect but you get the gist. "last like year" has to be a mistake on the writer's part. No way he flipped those two, no one ever does. Plus, he gets it right on the very next sentence.

He hurt his knee last season and after the game said he was 99% sure he was going to retire (he's only 31). Referring to that day:

"It was the day that everybody think I go crazy," Hernandez said.

This is exactly what I'm trying to discuss here. This sounds like what he would say. It sounds like a foreigner speaking English, which is what he is. The thing is, you don't see these sentences a whole lot in the papers. They get cleaned up to not embarass the player. I can see how some might feel embarassed by that, but that's the way they talk, it's part of their personality. It's not that I'm a stickler for reading EXACTLY what the player said, I just want to feel like I was there and I'm getting the player's personality too.

The whole thing about correcting the language for the sake of avoiding embarrassment is kind of a dumb idea since most MLB fans could care less about those kind of mistakes, and they probably don't even notice them themselves.


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