Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where the hell is DFW?

Maybe it was last night's discussion with Tollo about Everything and More, but it got me wondering out loud about something I've been thinking for a long time:

Where the hell is DFW?

His new book came out Dec 13 and there hasn't been an interview to be seen. He's done some readings, as indicated over on The Howling Fantods. But no interviews. No quotes from him on this work. It's incredible frustrating.

It was refreshing to read a piece in last quarter's Poets & Writers about a guy trying to do just that: talk to him. He lived near him and tried him at the University he teaches—no go.

His agent told him he just didn't want to do anything and that she would try to convince him to do "maybe one big thing."

I'm bummed but it's exciting to think of him hard at work on his next novel...

Still though, I want more.


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