Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring Training Surprise

Angel Pagan
Here's a guy we got from the Mets for cash over the winter and he's been having an awesome spring. I like the fact that he's got speed and is a superior defender (he's an outfielder), and he's been hitting well this spring. Let's look at his numbers:

At AA a year ago (2004) he hit .287 with a .346OBP. 71 Runs, 29 SB, 8 HRs.
At AAA last year he hit .271 with a .333OBP, 69R, 8HRs, and 27Steals, though he was caught 15 times.

He's an intriguing guy but his OBP is still pretty low, he would be a good fourth outfielder to have around, a pinch runner in the late innings (and pinch hitter for bunting situations). But he may be better off going to AAA to keep improving, he's only played AAA once. I have a feeling he's going to make the team though.

His numbers in the spring so far:
12-31 for a .387 AVG, 4BB/3Ks, for an OBP of .444. 3 2Bs and 3HRs (which is second on the team). He has 10 Runs and 5 batted in. He's having a heck of a spring.


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