Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Corey Patterson

For the past two days the Orioles have finally started playing Corey Patterson. Which is good, I like the guy and want him to do well. The mistake they made was the same the Cubs made: they have him leading off. He is NOT a leadoff hitter. He can run really fast and he’s left handed, that’s all he has that leadoff hitters need. That’s IT. He is a .275 25HR 75RBI guy for the back of the order with a ton of strikeouts and very few walks. If they keep walking him out there in the leadoff spot then the same thing will happen that happened here: they’ll get sick of him and trade him away.

So far he has 1 BB and 9 Ks, but he does have 7 steals and hasn’t been caught.

Come of folks this one is an easy call.


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