Monday, May 22, 2006

State of Baseball in Puerto Rico

Here is a really interesting article about the decline of baseball in Puerto Rico. By decline it refers to fewer and fewer players coming into pro baseball from the island.

It cites many issues, one of which is the economic prosperity the island is going through. How does this affect baseball in a negative way? The article explains:

Another factor could be a favorable economy that provides an opportunity for a successful life outside of sports. Translation: Baseball is not seen as the only way out like it is in some other countries.

Very very interesting topic to me. I've always seen poorer countries like the Dominican as having an advantage because baseball is seen as THE way to get out of poverty. When there is only one way out, you attack that way with a fury. Your livelihood is at stake, as well as the health and well-being of your entire family. How's that for motivation?

Personally, I've always wondered what if would've been like if I had been poor growing up. Sure, the country is/was poor, but I wasn't. I always had the guilt hanging over my head that being a ball player was seen as being "just a ball player," when I had all these opportunities, education, etc. to be something more.

So it's interesting to me, all this talk in Puerto Rico.


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