Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Barry Bonds in deep shit

So now he's in trouble with the IRS, possibly for not reporting income he made from selling memorabilia on his website and "selling" autograph sessions in hotels and conference rooms.

Read about it here.

Anyway, after reading that I got curious about the types of stuff he sells on his site. Check that out here.

Look at the shit he's got on there.

$2000 for an autographed ASU jersey?
$800 for a signed hat?

I hate this guy more every day.

And by the way, I keep hearing this argument all over the place: "Lay off Barry, he's never failed a drug test and he's innocent until proven guilty, right? This is still America."

Sorry bub, but this is your fault for being lazy. Read the books that have been written about this and you'll see how obvious it is Bonds took steroids. But of course, people will decide to wait for the movie version, so until then they can just relish their ignorance.


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