Thursday, July 13, 2006

Urbina and Spanish/English stuff

Today I asked myself, "what ever happened to Ugueth Urbina, the Major League pitcher?"

Well, I knew he had been in a bit of trouble in Venezuela last year, but I never heard what happened last.

In case you don't know, some people got burned and wounded with machetes at his ranch and he's accused of doing it. He's in jail right now (I think, still, since I can't get the latest on the case).

But if you read all the news on it in English it's one thing. It reads like a standard news report.

But read the same news in Spanish and a different feeling comes over me: The WAY things are in Latin America.

Let's let Ugueth's words tell the story:

GÓMEZ: ¿Cuánto ha sufrido tu reputación por eso?

URBINA: Me imagino que será difícil volver a jugar béisbol nuevamente. Todos sabemos cómo son los norteamericanos. Yo simplemente estoy tratando de solucionar mis problemas y limpiar mi nombre lo mejor posible para poder regresar a los terrenos. Si no, me quedaré tranquilo en casa.

It's a very interesting interview and I don't have time to dissect it now but maybe later. Just read it and I think you'll get it.


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