Monday, June 26, 2006

Renteria talks about Boston

A cool article about Edgar Renteria and his feelings towards Boston Red Sox fans. He signed as a free agent and here's what his experience was:

"I don't know what the [Boston] fans were thinking, or what they were looking for from me," Renteria told the Boston Herald before Sunday's series finale between his new team, the Atlanta Braves, and the Sox. "I don't know if they were looking for 30 homers, like [Nomar] Garciaparra in the past did, but it was crazy. It was crazy because I never had been booed in my career."

Renteria, a lifetime .289 hitter with the Marlins and Cardinals from 1996-2004, batted only .276 in 2005 with Boston, with the second-highest number of strikeouts (100) in his career. Worse, the former Gold Glove shortstop committed 30 errors -- a staggering 19-error increase over his 11-error performance in St. Louis in 2004.

Looking to cut their losses on what they felt was a bad move, the Sox traded Renteria to Atlanta for third-base prospect Andy Marte. Marte was subsequently shipped to Cleveland in the deal that brought Coco Crisp to Boston.

"Nobody wants to have a bad year," said Renteria. "'If you work hard and play hard, it's bad if the fans boo you. But I guess that's life.

"But they don't know me. I wish they knew I worked hard for that team every day to get better. The second week of the season, they booed players who won the World Series for them. So I knew I had to do better. So I put more pressure on myself. I tried to do more than what I could do."

Knowing the Braves and knowing the Red Sox, I knew that the move to get him to Atlanta would pay off. Atlanta is a very intelligent organization and Boston is very reactive and sometimes irrational. In this case, they were both.

Here's what he added about the fans:

"I don't think those fans have any confidence in their players," he said. "That's why they didn't win the World Series before."

I don't know that that's why they didn't win, but I agree with him on this and it's why I really never liked talking baseball with the average Red Sox fan. It was always "Trade this bum, he sucks!" after a strikeout, and "This guy is awesome" after a great play. Same guy too, it didn't matter.

Unfortunately, and I've said this before, the Cubs are starting to make that turn.

In case you missed it before:

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