Monday, June 19, 2006


This place over in the Fulton Market area is really cool. When you first walk in it feels like a bar (which is what that part of the restaurant is) and there are a lot of young, tan people walking around. In our case, there were also a whole bunch of gay guys lounging in front of the bar. If you get a table by the window here, you can look out onto the highway, which passes directly below. Lovely.

Once you go into the main dining room though, that’s a whole different story. The ceiling is suddenly way up there and the décor is outstanding. There is a lot of red and a lot of color, but it’s never too much or opulent. The waiters are all wearing little mini-ties, which make them look like clowns (there was also Cirque du Soleil on the plasmas that night, it’s the theme, after all). The food was incredible, the waiters were very nice, very helpful. They could’ve ruined it by being haughty or pretentious, but the place just isn’t like that.

Some girl got a volcano of chocolate with a candle in it on the table next to ours—it was her birthday, and we all chimed in and sang. Very happy atmosphere.

We had three of the ceviches, which, unfortunately, weren’t anything spectacular. The Guatemalan chicken was so tasty and spicy, I loved it. The Guacamole, which they are well known for, was tangy and delicious. We had ice cream for dessert, and it too was great. Very gourmet ice cream, the good stuff.

I was glad I went to this place, it’s a real cool spot to go eat and hang out. Too bad the ceviches weren’t tastier (or bigger), but no place is perfect.



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